Joe Van Ewyk’s “Southern Highlands Express”

I would like to thank Joe for these lovely photo’s taken over the weekend (2/05/21) and bringing a smile to my Monday morning. Without getting into detail, my year so far has been one I’d rather not have had and due to that all my projects have gone a lot sloooooower than planned. However some people have been able to keep building and these are Joe’s example’s so far, he mentions that he still has to do battery boxes on some of the cars plus small detailing etc, and that they looked and performed great. I agree they do look great and it is nice for me to see a matched set running behind a C38 which is what they were designed to do.

Thanks again to Joe for these and brightening my day.

A New video from Joe of the set running at the Southern Highlands Steamup, Thanks Joe.

C3820 Southern Highlands Express running at the Southern Highlands Steamup May 2021.

2 thoughts on “Joe Van Ewyk’s “Southern Highlands Express””

  1. Warren, I’m glad I brightened up your day, the coaches performed beautifully on the test run, certainly worth all the effort of designing and producing the kits on your behalf and the time building them for me.

    – Joe

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