Kits are now ready to supply.

After 4 weeks of cutting, sorting, creating packing lists etc, I am now ready to start supplying kits of the first 6 carriages designed. As well as the BR, RBR and FR, I have now designed the 46′ HRs for sets 100-102 and the 49’6″ HRs for sets 108 and 109. These are all second class carriages with a baggage area. Sets 100-102 are the shortest at 46′ and have 4 cabins of 8 seats each, plus a toilet. Set 109 is on the longer chassis and also has 4 cabins of 8seats with a longer baggage area. Finally Set 108, also on a longer frame has 5 cabins of 8 with the same size baggage as the short frame. Drawings of each style can be found on Images pages.

RBR1049 in “Caves Express” scheme.

I have also got RBR1049 assembled and painted in “Caves Express” colours. It still need’s the handrails fitted and a bit of weathering to bring it more to life. I am currently using Alps printed decals but I have ordered silk screen printed waterslide ones from Japan. Hopefully here in the not to distant.

Kits are priced at $445.00 Australian dollars each and contain everything except paint and glue to assemble and have running on your track. Myself and some friend train modellers will also assemble kits in your choice of colour scheme for an inclusive price of $845.00 Australian. I have also set up a bonus program where if you purchase 7 carriages in 12 months (leeway of course) I will supply a matching “EHO” kit or assembled for free, a saving of $445.00 – $845.00. I am taking the next week to finalise Assembly Manuals and then will look at setting up my online shop. In the mean time you can contact me through the comments section which only allows your comment to go public if I choose it too. Kits are assembled to order, I have some Kadee wheel sets and couplers in stock, otherwise delays can be up to 6 weeks with postage from the USA.

Kits contain various thickness’s of Finnish Ply, recycled industrial card, a resin impregnated board and PETG for windows. Kits also include 3d printed parts for diaphragms, buffers, roof vents and bogie side frame dressing pieces. All parts are cut ready to assemble except for brass rod for tension bars, hand rails and steps that will require cutting and bending to shape. A jig is supplied to assist making up the tension rods. Kits are also supplied with Kadee #950 wheels in natural and #820 or #821 couplers as necessary. Couplers run at NMRA height specifications. These kits are designed for use on 45mm garden tracks with a minimum radius of 1800mm.

Until next time with more details and photos.

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  1. Is there any possibility that you could produce a bx, lfx mansard roofed dog box type cars, especially the terminal or guards ended type car used on branch lines in the 50s, one is shown behind a 19 class on the fronticepiece photo of the book Tender into Tank.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your question. Yes I will be looking at doing some of the Dog Box’s at some point as the R cars were built from them so I have the chassis and roof already. I am interested to see what people are wanting and to suit which loco’s people are using. Do you have a C19 or something early to run or are you running later branchline in Gauge 1. Also later this year I will be producing the EHO, in it’s later 1940’s look, still timbered but with the fancy trim gone. If there is interest I will do an overlay skin to do the earlier version as built to match the early BX and LFXs. I have the GA drawings to do this. I like the period charm of the branch line brake vans so probably something I will do down the track, keep in touch with photos if you’re able to assist. My next projects up are the CPH and CTH also suitable for Branchline running.

      1. My apologies for the tardy reply. I am an ex NSW railways fitter and can just remember riding in one of these dogboxes somewhere as a kid and the photo on the front of the book Tender into Tank has always reminded me of this journey. So I wondered if there was any chance of obtaining one at some point.

        I was also the Western Division Relief Fitter and looked after CPH 6 at Cowra Depot as well as riding on them nearly every weekend to my grandmothers at Heathcote when I was at school. Also worked on the one stationed at Dubbo when I was an apprentice and rebuilt the transmissions and engines at New Loco Eveleigh. So, have a soft spot for the 42 footers and hope to secure one when they become available.
        I have one G1 loco, an Aster Lion modified to twin cylinders. I appreciate earlier NSW locos and rolling stock but they are virtually non existant in G1. Gordon Watson made a few 19 class but I missed out on obtaining one.

        1. Hi Paul,
          I will be doing the Dogboxes but not until some point next year. I have collected all the components and started on the drawings for the CPHs, I still need to go off to see and photograph one to get more info on the detail of them, but with Covid settling in NSW I should now be able to do that shortly. I will be updating my blog as I progress so keep an eye, but I will also put your name on my interested list and let you know when they become available. I am also now working towards a 3d printed body and trucks to make a NSWGR C30t using a Piko power block. this could also be an interesting loco and perfect to pull Rs or Dogs.
          Thanks for your interest. Warren

  2. G’day Warren
    I would be interested in a set of R cars to make a green and cream South Coast Daylight set please.
    Gregory Wilson.

    1. Hi Gregory,
      kits are now being made to order. Kits are $445.00Au each and a 30% deposit is required when ordering. Kits take approximately 2 – 3 weeks to make up a set of 6. I can be contacted on 0247518871 to discuss your requirements. The South Coast Daylight will be a beautiful set, particularly if painted in the green/cream early scheme.
      I look forward to hearing from you if this suits.


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