R-Type Colours

I am no expert on the history of colours for NSWGR and based on the arguments on the internet I’m not sure who is. However I would like to have pages where we can document colours for particularly the R-Types. The drawings below are the start of my carriage colour drawings. This is currently a broad view of the variety of schemes for these carriages. I will endeavour to build up more detail and coverage of the named trains, including carriage layout and car numbers. For anyone who has more info that they would like to contribute to this page please contact me.

There are now 5 pages of drawings under the R-Type colours drop downs. I have 3 colour schemes for Set 108 and one for Set 109 and 1 for Set 102. Also listed are the carriage numbers used in those sets. Apart from the Blue and Green sets the other schemes were standard across the fleet during different time periods.

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